Our Integrated Partners

GrandShipper will connect to your marketplace, online store and shopping cart seamlessly. Pulling specific data with ease. Removing any manual operations like copying and pasting or jumping from one webstore to another. Our web base software helps you manage all your stores in a single screen.


GrandShipper connects with your Shopify account to process orders in seamless manner. Ability to process orders through SKU’s, order numbers and many more. Customer would like to return a shipment, no problem, with our scan base returns capabilities, you can create a label without being charged until it is first scanned. Let us help grow your business to the next level

Selling one or fifty items a day; GrandShipper is a perfect solution for you eBay account. Ability to pull all the data in your eBay listing like mail class service, weight and even dimensions of box. Simply press print and a USPS discounted label will print while pushing tracking back to your listing automatically

GrandShipper USPS API is proudly powered by Pitney Bowes. Pitney Bowes is publicly traded global technology company that has been serving clients for over 90 years. Providing customer engagement, global e-commerce, and mailing shipping services to approximately 1 million customers in approximately 100 countries.

Integrations in Progress