Why Choose USPS as Your Carrier?

GrandShipper offers unique features compare to our competitors. Whether you have a paid plan or not, you get all everything below. No activation or cost associated.

Return Solution: Prepaid or Scan Base

GrandShipper gives you the option to create a return label in two ways: prepaid or scan base. What is scan base? You can create a return label without being charged up front. You will only be charged once that shipping label is first scanned and accepted in the USPS mail stream.

Flexible Payment Options

GrandShipper accepts ACH (Direct debit from bank account), all major credit cards, and invoicing. Invoicing and terms upon approval of background and credit check of personal or business. Invoicing usually has instant approval with a set a credit line and can be used immediately. Please email sales@grandshipper.com for any questions.

Best in Class Address Verification (CASS Certified)

GrandShipper uses Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) technology, which is a United States Postal Service program that certifies the accuracy of address validation. To qualify for certain postal discounts, you must use software that is CASS Certified™ to assign ZIP Code, ZIP + 4 codes, and delivery point barcodes to mail. Automatically fixes address abbreviations (Place to PL, Parkway to PKWY) and will prompt an error if address is missing a field or insufficient. This will reduce risks of lost packages and frustration of undelivered mail.

Postal Connect Page

Within GrandShipper’s application, there is dedicated tab for all your USPS needs. We have fields to enter your USPS contact person (don’t worry, if you don’t have one, we can help you connect to a representative), local Post Office info, and links that will lead you directly to USPS webpage to order supplies, schedule a pick up, file for a refund, log in your account and many more. We make shipping with USPS convenient and seamless as possible.

Cloud Base Advantages

Being a cloud base solution provides many advantages. For example, operating system compatibility - user friendly for both Windows or Mac base. Any new updates will be pushed automatically with no extra work or download on your end. Reducing IT resources to quickly sign up and start shipping. Sharing and viewing data through multiple workstations and locations is allocated seamlessly rather than individual database.